The following are some books that I have read in the recent past that have been a blessing.  I cannot endorse %100 of the authors views, but the LORD has used their writings to lead me in His way more perfectly!

* Touch Not the Unclean Thing -

* Old Testament Ethics for God's People -

* Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross -
Nancy Guthrie

* The Surrendered Life - James H. McConkey

* Fox's Book of Martyrs

* Disciplines of a Godly Man - Hughes

* How Christian is Christian Counseling - Almy

* Scientific Creationism - Morris

* Christian Theology - Erickson

* No One Like Him - Fienberg

* New Evidence That Demands a Verdict - McDowell

* The Revelation of Jesus Christ - Walvoord

* What in the World is Going On - Jeremiah

* The King James Version Defended - Hills