Pastor Gerwitz was born into a large Roman Catholic family in western N.Y. on April 12, 1964. He attended parochial schools most of his childhood, but attended public high schools the last three years of his primary education.

It was at this point in his life that God began to talk to him about a deeper relationship with Him than his traditional religion could supply. Pastor Gerwitz was a faithfully practicing Catholic, having availed himself of all the sacraments available to him, yet he felt unsure of his relationship with the Lord.

A coworker shared with Pastor Gerwitz the importance of knowing one's eternal destination beyond any reasonable doubt. He searched the scriptures and realized that God and an eternal place in heaven are not provided by any religious system Catholic or otherwise, but by simple faith in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. On March 28, 1982, Pastor Gerwitz trusted Jesus Christ as his personal savior, no longer trusting himself for eternal life.

Approximately a year and a half later, God spoke to Pastor Gerwitz about full time Christian service. He surrendered his heart to the will of God and entered North Star Bible Institute of Rochester, New York.

It was shortly thereafter that Pastor Gerwitz met a godly and dedicated young Christian lady. Pastor Gerwitz knew right away that this young lady was to be his wife and Lisa Leach became Mrs. Lisa Gerwitz on Oct. 24, 1987.

God has blessed this couple with three great young men; Nathanael, born on Dec.3, 1988, Zackary, born March 2, 1990, and Joshua, born April 3, 1992. All three sons are saved and baptized and love the fact their dad is serving the Lord.

Pastor Gerwitz graduated from North Star Bible Institute on May 21, 1995, with a Graduate of Theology degree. Since his salvation, Pastor Gerwitz has served as an Assistant Pastor, deacon, choir director, youth worker, and VBS Director. He has served in many areas including visitation, discipleship, correspondence, counseling, Sunday schools, street preaching, and other ministries. Pastor Gerwitz has filled many pulpits as guest speaker and interim Pastor on numerous occasions.

Pastor Gerwitz has served in bi-vocational and full-time positions in New York and Illinois.  He has served as an Assistant Pastor, Youth Pastor, Interim Pastor, and Senior Pastor.  He accepted the call to pastor Little Cypress Baptist Church in the summer of 2009 and is anticipating the moving of God's hand as they serve together, reaching the world with the gospel of Christ, and discipling the saints.