Little Cypress Baptist is thrilled that the LORD has blessed us as we seek to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ at home and around the world!  Over the years, our little church has supported hundreds of missionaries in every corner of the globe.  We currently designate 20% of our tithes and offerings to our missions budget, but also take up many special offerings for visiting missionaries and special needs that arise throughout the year.  Here is a listing of those who we currently support.


Foreign Evangelism Missions Maranatha Missions
           Leo & Natalie McElroy - Quebec, Canada             Clare & Linda Baughman - France
               Ed & Linda Cook - Brazil
Baptist International Missions, Inc              Frank & Shirley Gillespie - Mexico
          Earl Yates - Mexico              James & Pat King - Brazil
             Russ & Lynn Turner - Costa Rica              John & Yolanda Rice
               William & Carolyn Waldrop
Central Missionary Clearinghouse               Jim Bruce & Becky White - Germany
            Gordon & Amy Wilkey - Brazil  
            Malcolm & Jan Gregory - Bolivia Rock of Ages Missions
            Robert Jenkins              Mildred Emerson
            Bruce Kelly family - Missionary to the Deaf              Steve & Gail Gregory
                 Robert  & Debbie Keeton
Marshall County School for Exceptional Children              Slater & Bonney Mosley
               Dr. Dicky & Debbie Reynolds
Macedonia World Baptist Missions              Romania Mission (Mircea & Ronela Cristian)
          Kim & Samantha Harris - Idaho              Dennis Terry
Tabernacle Children's Home Other Missionaries
                Richard & Naomi Miller - South Pacific Islands
Madison Baptist Church World Missions               Bob Tevault
               David & Joy Lewis - U.S. Military in South Korea               Dr. Michael Marshall - Armed Forces Baptist Missions
           Gary & Kathy Ashley - Puerto Rico                 Dennis Anderson - IAM ministries
                Joel King
International African Ministries              Earl Yates
Baptist Evangelistic Missionary Assoc. Warrenton Baptist Missions
                Moises & Ruth Damazio - Brazil            Larry Parshall - Australia